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Fat (g)
Fat (g)
Arby's Chicken Bacon 'N Swiss61029333811015504931
Arby's Chicken Breast Fillet5402653059011604724
Arby's Chicken Cordon Bleu63030935812018204734
Arby's Grilled Chicken Deluxe45019822411010503729
Arby's Roast Chicken Club52026028711514403829
Arby's Light Grilled Chicken2804851.55511703029
Arby's Light Roast Chicken Deluxe26044514010103323
Arby's Roast Chicken Caesar82033638914021607543
Blimpie Grilled Chicken4008092309505228
Blimpie Chik Max on White4837011.610129369.933.6
Blimpie Chik Max on Wheat4957012.810137069.325.8
Burger King BK Broiler Chicken Sandwich55023025510511105230
Burger King Chicken Sandwich6603503987013305325
Burger King Chicken Tenders Sandwich450240275306803714
Burger King Chicken Club Sandwich74040044108515305530
Burger King Chicker Tenders (4)1708093254201011
Burger King Chicker Tenders (5)220110123305301314
Burger King Chicker Tenders (6)250130144356301516
Burger King Chicker Tenders (8)340170195508402022
Carl's Jr. Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich290303.51608404125
Carl's Jr. Charbroiled BBQ Club Sandwich4702002379511103731
Carl's Jr. Charbroiled Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich5402803189512103728
Carl's Jr. Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich6602803177011807124
Carl's Jr. Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich76035038119015507231
Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich75025028118019009131
Carl's Jr. Spicy Chicken Sandwich4802302654012204714
Carl's Jr. Southwest Spicy Chicken Sandwich62037041106516404816
Church's Chicken Wing25014516605407.718.5
Church's Chicken Leg250829.1451602.412.7
Church's Chicken Thigh23014616.28052016.216.2
Church's Chicken Breast20011112.4655101919
Church's Chicken Tender Strip803641514066
Dairy Queen Chicken Breast Fillet Sandwich430180204557603724
Dairy Queen Grilled Chicken Sandwich31090102.55010403024
Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket1000450501355251010235
Jack In The Box Jack’s Spicy Chicken570260292.55010205224
Jack In The Box Chicken Fajita Pita32090104.5558503424
Jack In The Box Grilled Chicken Fillet4802202466511103927
Jack In The Box Chicken Supreme8304404976521406633
Jack In The Box Chicken Sandwich400180213407703815
Jack In The Box Chicken Breast Pieces (5)360150173809702427
Jack In The Box Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club5202402768013203931
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Wing14090102.55541459
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Breast40022024613511161629
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick140809275422413
KFC Original Recipe Chicken Thigh250160184.595747616
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Wing220140154554151010
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Breast4702402881608741739
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Drumstick19511012377375715
KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Thigh3802502771186251421
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Wing21013025455350910
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast50527029816211702338
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Drumstick1759010377360913
KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken Thigh3552252671266301319
KFC Original Recipe Sandwich w/ Sauce450200225709403329
KFC Original Recipe Sandwich (no sauce)360120133.5608902129
KFC Triple Crunch Sandwich w/ Sauce490260296707103928
KFC Triple Crunch Sandwich (no sauce)390140154.5506502925
KFC Triple Crunch Zinger Sandwich w/ Sauce550290327858303928
KFC Triple Crunch Zinger Sandwich (no sauce)390140154.5506503625
KFC Tender Roast Sandwich w/ Sauce350130153758802632
KFC Tender Roast Sandwich (no sauce)2704551.5656902331
KFC Honey BBQ Flavored Sandwich w/ Sauce31050621255603728
KFC Colonel's Crispy Strips (3)3001251645611651826
KFC Spicy Crispy Strips (3)3351401547011402325
KFC Popcorn Chicken (small)362207236436102117
KFC Popcorn Chicken (large)62035640107310463630
KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie77037842137021606929
KFC Hot Wings Pieces (6)47129733815012301827
KFC Honey BBQ Pieces (6)607343381019311453333
Long John Silver's Chicken Sandwich340130143.5258404013
Long John Silver's Chicken Sandwich w/ Cheese3901701994010904016
Long John Silver's Battered Chicken Plank1407082.52040098
McDonald's Crispy Chicken550240274.55011805423
McDonald's Chicken McGrill450160183609704626
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets (4)190100112.5353601310
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets (6)290150173.5555402015
McDonald's Chicken McNuggets (9)430220255808102923
Wendy's Grilled Chicken Sandwich3006071.5557403624
Wendy's Chicken Breast Fillet Sandwich430150163557504627
Wendy's Chicken Club Sandwich470180204.5659404730
Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich410120142.56512804328
Wendy's Crispy Chicken Nuggets (5)230140163304701111
Wendy's Crispy Chicken Nuggets (4)190120132.52538099
Whataburger Chicken Strips (2)38024307002218
Whataburger Grilled Chicken Sandwich453188411644931
Whataburger Whatachick`N580306410965628
White Castle Chicken Ring Sandwich17070712421055
White Castle Chicken Rings (6)310190214706201416
Wienerschnitzel Chicken Deluxe53628932948961


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