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Fat (g)
Fat (g)
Arby's BBQ Vinaigrette Dressing14099111.5066090
Arby's Bleu Cheese Dressing3002793164558032
Arby's Bronco Berry Sauce90000035230
Arby's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing360349396549021
Arby's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Reduced Calorie600000750131
Arby's Caesar Dressing3103103456047011
Arby's Croutons, Cheese & Garlic100536.25n/an/a138102.5
Arby's Croutons, Seasoned30101007051
Arby's Honey French Dressing2902092440410180
Arby's Italian Dressing, Reduced Calorie2510110103030
Arby's Italian Parmesan Dressing240221244095041
Arby's Thousand Island Dressing290249284.53548091
Blimpie Fat Free Italian Dressing (1 ounce)2000.00067050
Blimpie Light Italian Dressing (1.5 ounces)2010100.081030
Blimpie Light Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (1.5 ounces)9045510.0350101
Blimpie Blue Cheese Dressing (1 ounce)2202102444044022
Blimpie Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (1 ounce)270260294536010
Blimpie Honey French Dressing (1 ounce)2401802030.0350160
Blimpie Thousand Island Dressing (1 ounce)2101902132536070
Blimpie Special Sub Dressing (3/4 ounce)7060710.00.000
Blimpie Dressing (1 ounce)12070810.0570161
Jack In The Box Blue Cheese210130152.525750111
Jack In The Box Buttermilk House Dressing29027030112056061
Jack In The Box Low Calorie Italian25151.50067020
Jack In The Box Thousand Island250220244355701001
Jack In The Box Croutons501521.5010081
Little Caesar's Italian Dressing210223036020
Little Caesar's Ranch Dressing270295438010
Little Caesar's Fat Free Italian Dressing2500039050
Long John Silver's Ranch1701601831026010
Long John Silver's Fat Free Ranch40000029090
Long John Silver's Fat Free French400000240100
Long John Silver's Italian908091.5029020
Long John Silver's Thousand Island12090101.51529050
McDonald's Croutons501010010591
McDonald's Ceasar Dressing150120132.51040051
McDonald's Fat Free Herb Vinaigrette35000026080
McDonald's Honey Mustard Dressing160100111.515260131
McDonald's Ranch Dressing170160182.51546030
McDonald's Red French Reduced Calorie Dressing13060610360180
McDonald's 1000 Island Dressing1308091.515350111
Taco Time Sour Cream Dressing137129145820721
Taco Time Thousand Island Dressing1601441621022040
Wendy's Blue Cheese Dressing3603503873035012
Wendy's French Dressing2501902130670130
Wendy's French Dressing, Fat Free700000300180
Wendy's Italian Caesar Dressing2302202442535011
Wendy's Italian Dressing, Reduced Fat806071069060
Wendy's Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing2001802032541031
Wendy's Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, Reduced Fat1201001122047041
Wendy's Thousand Island Dressing2602302542038071
Whataburger Low Fat Ranch Dressing70420640102
Whataburger Low Fat Vinaigrette Dressing352089060
Whataburger Thousand Island Dressing1601215490120
Whataburger Ranch Dressing310332047031

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