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Fat (g)
Fat (g)
Arby's Melt w/Cheddar340139155708903616
Arby's Arby-Q3601301447015304016
Arby's Beef 'N Cheddar4802212489012404323
Arby's Big Montana630290321515520804147
Arby's Giant Roast Beef480206231011014404132
Arby's Junior Roast Beef310121134.5707403416
Arby's Regular Roast Beef350151166859503421
Arby's Super Roast Beef4702072378511304722
Arby's Hot Ham 'N Swiss340119134.59014503523
Arby's French Dip44015818810016804228
Arby's Hot Ham 'N Swiss53023927811018604529
Arby's Italian780468531512024404929
Arby's Philly Beef 'N Swiss700378421513019404636
Arby's Roast Beef760426481613022304735
Arby's Turkey63032837910021705126
Arby's Roast Beef & Swiss810381421313017807337
Arby's Roast Ham & Swiss73030734812521807436
Arby's Roast Turkey & Swiss76029633613019207543
Arby's Light Roast Turkey Deluxe2604450.5409803323
Blimpie 6" Best Sub on White4101201355014804739
Blimpie 6" Best Sub on Wheat4101201355014804739
Blimpie 6" Cheese Trio Sub on White49021023125511304825
Blimpie 6" Cheese Trio Sub on Wheat49021023125511104826
Blimpie 6" Club Sub on White37090104.53012004823
Blimpie 6" Club Sub on Wheat370100114.53011804823
Blimpie 6" Ham Salami & Provolone Sub on White4801802085513704924
Blimpie 6" Ham Salami & Provolone Sub on Wheat4501802085513504724
Blimpie 6" Ham & Swiss Sub on White4101201475010504825
Blimpie 6" Ham & Swiss Sub on Wheat4001301475010404626
Blimpie 6" Tuna Sub on White660400448558805118
Blimpie 6" Tuna Sub on Wheat650400456558604918
Blimpie 6" Turkey Sub on White3306061.5012004819
Blimpie 6" Turkey Sub on Wheat3306071.5011904819
Blimpie 6" Roast Beef Sub on White39060736513704737
Blimpie 6" Roast Beef Sub on Wheat39070836513804537
Blimpie Steak & Cheese550230263.57010805127
Blimpie Italian Meatball500200228259705223
Blimpie Smokey Cheddar Beef Melt3801101265012004223
Blimpie Roast Turkey Cordon Bleu4301201466011804329
Blimpie Grille Max on White413256.0715823.271.918.1
Blimpie Grille Max on Wheat425257.315900.471.318.8
Blimpie Vegi Max on White4033070.509806124
Blimpie Vegi Max on Wheat415307.80.5010506024
Blimpie Mexi Max on White393104.61010036625
Blimpie Mexi Max on Wheat405105.81010806525
Blimpie Chicken Caesar Wrap6102803163517705626
Blimpie South Western Wrap5902502877519905628
Blimpie Zesty Italian Wrap5302002274518505924
Carl's Jr. Charbroiled Sirloin Steak Sandwich550220244.58010805230
Carl's Jr. American Cheese (large)604553.51526013
Carl's Jr. American Cheese (small)503542.51020013
Carl's Jr. Swiss-Style Cheese503542.51523004
Cousins Subs Regular Italian Sub62240.011.979200830.335.1
Cousins Subs Cousins Special Italian Sub73148.615.3111249030.343.1
Cousins Subs Genoa & Cheese Italian Sub66844.514.875202330.336.7
Cousins Subs Cappacolla & Genoa Italian Sub56735.58.858177130.331.6
Cousins Subs Cappacolla & Cheese Italian Sub56733.911.473185030.335.4
Cousins Subs Seafood w/ Crab Sub55533.611.335174738.324.9
Cousins Subs Roast Beef Sub59834.812.254157130.340.9
Cousins Subs Roast Beef (no mayo)361 8.53.424157130.340.9
Cousins Subs Ham & Cheese Sub62240.115.2107174830.335.2
Cousins Subs Ham & Cheese Sub (no mayo)38613.86.477174830.335.2
Cousins Subs Ham Sub54734.311.785144130.329.4
Cousins Subs Ham (no mayo)3118.02.955144130.329.4
Cousins Subs Tuna Sub75654.315.895145032.030.0
Cousins Subs Tuna Sub (no mayo)50028.07.065145032.030.0
Cousins Subs Cheese Sub66446.323.087163630.331.4
Cousins Subs Cheese Sub (no mayo)42720.114.257163630.331.4
Cousins Subs Club Sub73045.417.7173282830.350.1
Cousins Subs Club Sub (no mayo)49419.28.9143282830.350.1
Cousins Subs Turkey Sub56134.811.6102202130.331.9
Cousins Subs Turkey (no mayo)3258.52.872202130.331.9
Cousins Subs BLT Sub59339.813.748141834.019.7
Cousins Subs BLT Sub (no mayo)33713.54.918141834.019.7
Cousins Subs Cold Veggie Sub36011.07.235159033.026.4
Cousins Subs Cheese Steak Sub47017.011.04054046.033.0
Cousins Subs Double Cheese Steak Sub55026.016.06164035.044.0
Cousins Subs Steak Sub42512.08.04036051.028.0
Cousins Subs Italian Sausage Sub81657.518.935520430.344.4
Cousins Subs Philly Cheese Steak Sub51023.015.04543043.032.0
Cousins Subs Meatball & Cheese Sub68543.318.2104361330.343.6
Cousins Subs Chicken Breast Sub55631.810.733139130.337.4
Cousins Subs Chicken Breast Sub (no mayo)3205.51.93139130.337.4
Cousins Subs Pepperoni Melt Sub70246.118.2131190830.341.2
Cousins Subs Pepperoni Melt Sub without Mayo46619.89.4101190830.341.2
Cousins Subs Gyro Sub55023.08.03665057.028.0
Cousins Subs Tzatziki Sauce504.02.0201101.01.0
Cousins Subs Hot Veggie Sub38014.30032048.021.0
Cousins Subs Cousins Special Mini Sub290145.066802513
Cousins Subs Ham Mini Sub29218.36.24576816.115.7
Cousins Subs Turkey Mini Sub29918.56.254107816.117.0
Cousins Subs Turkey Mini Sub (no mayo)1724.41.538107816.117.0
Cousins Subs Ham & Cheese Mini Sub (no mayo)2067.43.44193216.118.8
Cousins Subs Tuna Mini Sub49537.010.05667022.014.0
Cousins Subs Tuna Mini Sub (no mayo)29016.03.03267022.014.0
Cousins Subs Ham Mini Sub (no mayo)1674.31.62976816.115.7
Cousins Subs Ham & Cheese Mini Sub33221.48.15793216.118.8
Cousins Subs Cheese Mini Sub35424.712.34687216.116.8
Cousins Subs Cheese Mini Sub without Mayo22810.77.63087216.116.8
Cousins Subs Seafood Mini Sub with Crab29617.96.01993220.413.3
Cousins Subs Meatball & Cheese Mini Sub36523.19.755192716.123.2
Little Caesar's Deli Italian Sandwich69032137517306834
Little Caesar's Deli Veggie Sandwich7203811.53012407126
Little Caesar's Deli Ham and Cheese Sandwich600229.55514806833
Pizza Hut Ham & Cheese Sandwich5501902172221505733
Pizza Hut Supreme Sandwich64025028102821506234
Subway Classic 6" BMT4532162485617404021
Subway Classic 6" Cold Cut Trio4151842075716704019
Subway Classic 6" Meatball50122825105613504623
Subway Classic 6" Seafood & Crab378141164.52412704614
Subway Classic 6" Steak & Cheese362117134.53712004123
Subway Classic 6" Subway Melt3841361554417204022
Subway Classic 6" Tuna4191902154211803918
Subway Select 6" Asiago Caesar Chicken3911381534710004122
Subway Select 6" Caesar Italian BMT53028531106618404122
Subway Select 6" Honey Mustard Melt3761031154415904722
Subway Select 6" Honey Mustard Turkey w/ Cucumber275323.51209904616
Subway Select 6" Horseradish Roast Beef401154173278804218
Subway Select 6" Horseradish Steak & Cheese4681982264411104322
Subway Select 6" Southwest Chicken362118132.5439604021
Subway Select 6" Southwest Steak & Cheese4121651864411204222
Subway 6" Ham261404.51.52512603917
Subway 6" Roast Beef264414.51208403918
Subway 6" Roasted Chicken Breast3115161.5488804025
Subway 6" Subway Club2944651.53312504022
Subway 6" Turkey Breast254343.512010003916
Subway 6" Turkey Breast & Ham267394.512612104018
Subway 6" Veggie Delite200232.50.50500377
Subway Deli Ham Sandwich194323.51127503010
Subway Deli Roast Beef Sandwich2063641136003112
Subway Deli Tuna Sandwich309138154268103112
Subway Deli Turkey Breast Sandwich200313.51137003112
Subway Asiago Caesar Chicken Wrap4131371534713204722
Subway Steak and Cheese Wrap35384943714004622
Subway Turkey Breast & Bacon Wrap3216772.52815104518

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